We reduces clients 3D print expenses, materials, and learning curves.

3D provides onsite 3D Virtual Reality, Scan, and Print Service. The fleet of commercial vans hosts equipment to outdoor service events with 3D printed objects. Its platform offers a printable product that is a fair price that is open source. Providers are opt-commission to build the network. This 3D printing service aims to reduce manufacture volume.




We can customize and print fabricates product on demand. The 3D-Mobile vans are equipped with a Data Point Scanner to scan articles for recreation, 3D Printer, and Virtual Reality to watch products as it is print with enough computer power for Virtual Reality Gaming. Our product price on time duration to print a product, commute time, and custom design time. Our minimum amount is $.05 per gram of the object’s weight with a $1.00 minimum. For example, a Batman Mask that cost $8 weighing .5 ounces would cost $11 from us printed and customized.






We provides an inventory of FREE CAD for 3D printer to its members. Our mobile provides onsite 3D services. These service includes 3D Print, Virtual Reality, and Scan. We facilitate 3D needs for Personal, Small and Midsize Business. On-Demand Formulation