Design A Free Cybersecurity Protection Framework

Computer operation system should have cybersecurity protection build within its framework for free. Cyber threat damages the United States of America almost $100 billion a year. This cost has destroyed our economy. Products that include cybersecurity protection can create solutions that are mainstream for the masses.

Organizations should not take incentive for all cybersecurity as it will impact the tax rate. Not everyone can afford the cost to protect their identity. Cybersecurity companies are an organization for profit; and as such, they should remain to sell cybersecurity protection for a profit. A version needs to design for individuals that can not afford this expense. These same individuals knowingly used personal computers without security protection while knowledgeable of the risk because of no choice of their own. As a result, security protection companies invest resources for the latest patches to fight against cyber threats. These same individuals had an option that they used may reduce the number of safety gates.

The problem with the cyber threat, unguarded electronics are open for cyber-attack. If products protect against cyber-attack, then the risk of attacks would be reduced. One of the main reason that individuals do not use cybersecurity protection provided by the like of Norton is due to affordability. Free cybersecurity protection design would reduce the damages caused by tax frauds, false social security claims, and other fraudulent practices in term improve the economy.

Cybersecurity protection should be free for disadvantaged consumers. A free version of cybersecurity protection could be within an operating system framework that is undetected. The undetected cybersecurity program would ease baby boomers frustration in regards to personal identity protection software. These consumers are not knowledgeable of scanning for cyber threats. They rather know that their electronics are safe from intruders. A free version design for such individual that can’t afford such software may reduce $100 billion in damages. These savings could be put to use toward other benefits for society.

If not the government, a non-profit organization may provide free Cybersecurity protection designed for the unfortunate. An attempt to make cybersecurity protection available to the regrettable masses for free would benefit society for all. The government could pay for the cost of such a program. Cybersecurity protection should be available for all no matter your income bracket.

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